"Enhancing Quality of Technology-Enhanced Learning at Jordanian Universities”, eQTeL, is TEMPUS project number 544491-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-SMGR, approved by the European Commission under grant agreement for 2013-4568.

The wider objective of eQTeL is to promote reform and modernization of higher education in Jordan through the introduction of a national quality assurance system for technology-enhanced learning.​ Its main objective is to improve, develop and implement accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures for quality assurance of TeL courses and study programs at a national level. The new standards will assimilate the quality of Tel courses offered by higher education institutions in Jordan, and would consequently be incorporated into existing legal acts and regulatory documents at both institutional and national levels. Implementation of the new standards will be ensured through establishing a capacity building programme that provides extensive training for all levels of staff involved in accreditation or delivery of TeL programs, from teaching staff, trainers, evaluators, official accreditation reviewers and higher education public authorities. The project will also seek the possibility to develop a close connection with the Bologna 3-degree cycle structure to allow for better definition and positioning of the training programmes.